MIDI file packages
These are MIDI files of the raw data on a piano roll, and are for playing on a pneumatic reproducing piano equipped to play MIDI files. These files are identified by 'e' as the last character in the file name. Files are MIDI type 0 and are available for Ampico, Duo-Art and all types of Welte instruments.
E-roll MIDI files
Classical: 190 MIDI files used to make the 13 CDs in the CEUS project. Includes all booklets and extra information.
Catalogues and sample files
See the
downloads page for sample MIDI files, documentation and all catalogues. The background page gives a brief history, the Q&A page explains how we have produced these MIDI files.
We offer over 6,500 MIDI files of recordings from reproducing piano rolls in a range of packages as described here.
Popular: Includes song and dance music, ballads, marches, some operettas, jazz, rags and arrangements.
By roll brand
Classical: Includes salon and all forms of art music. Generally excludes accompaniment rolls.
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We will be adding more compilations covering musical styles, composers and pianists. Presently we have these two packages:
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Standard MIDI files
These are MIDI files of piano roll recordings that can be played on any standard MIDI instrument, such as a Disklavier, PianoDisc, Pianomation, Clavinova etc. All files are MIDI type 0.
Classical and Popular: All presently available MIDI files for a particular brand of roll.
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Popular: All popular music currently available from Ampico and Duo-Art rolls without duplication of the same recording having been issued for both instruments.
New files added to this website will be offered as separate packages as well as being added to existing packages. If you have already purchased a package, new files can therefore be purchased separately.
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